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Our experts utilize their extensive technical knowledge and expertise to ensure you have a competitive advantage in every financial decision you make.

Tax Services

NumberCrunchers provides a full range of services to make your life less taxing. Not only do we expertly prepare your returns at tax time…

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Accounting Services

NumberCrunchers offers you an entire accounting staff without adding to your payroll. We are off-site, but only a telephone call away and…

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Financial Advisory Services

Where and how do you want to grow your money? We help you map out the road to your financial success and guide you along the path to greater wealth.

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Small Business Consulting

No aspect of your business is more important than your profitability. And we know until you have the resources to hire dozens of staff to handle...

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QuickBooks® Support

Not quite ready to enlist the services of a full-service accounting firm, but want the total benefits of an efficient bookkeeping system? NumberCrunchers has…

NumberCrunchers = Trust and Loyalty

At NumberCrunchers we have earned the trust and loyalty of clients for more than 20 years. Our philosophy is simple – provide personalized service for each and every client. It’s all about building relationships and delivering exceptional service. Personalized service begins with Paula Williams, senior partner of NumberCrunchers, who is highly regarded for her experience and expertise with all aspects of financial and tax matters.

Paula is an Enrolled Agent (EA) and is licensed to serve as an advocate for clients before all administrative levels of the I.R.S. To become a licensed EA, Paula proved her competency through stringent testing and a rigorous background check by the US Treasury Department. Paula maintains her elite status by completing continuing professional education courses and is bound by strict ethical standards.

Trust – it is the foundation of every relationship.

Latest News

YEAcal -- Getting a Head Start in Business

Simi Valley has some incredible kids. Annika Paseta is one of them. It's my pleasure to serve as a sponsor and advisor to the Young Entrepreneur Association of California -- YEAcal, for short. Later this spring, they'll be my captive audience as I drum into them the importance of their numbers. I look forward to watching them grow (and becoming the entrepreneurial leaders that'll support my retire...

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Scam Alert! Beware!

Look what greeted me this morning from “Internal Revenue Service!” You might get one as well. Should you receive one, DON’T OPEN IT. It’s either a virus or a scam. Remember, IRS will not co...

It's That Time Again!

It hasn't been that long...or has it? Dee is waaaaay ahead of me; some of you already have your organizers! The rest are on the way. Be sure to take a look and make sure the date works for you ...

Client testimonials

NumberCrunchers is an outstanding organization led by Paula D. Williams, EA. Paula is an extremely capable and talented Tax Professional, who is thorough, careful and meticulous in whatever she does. These qualities will benefit you, be it tax matters, filings or representations, as well as in NumberCrunchers providing you, with Financial and Business services, efficiently and in a timely manner.

Dr V Seshan,

From the blog

Oh, No! I Owe!

An overwhelming majority of taxpayers get a refund when they file their returns; they’ve made IRS an interest-free loan throughout the year and IRS is repaying that loan. Sometimes, however, you’v...

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Of Course, I Have a Retirement Plan! Powerball!!

Powerball fever swept across America last week, with a record jackpot of $1.5 billion eventually being split by three winners in the January 13 drawing. Millions lined up for lottery tickets, hoping t...

What Do You Mean, I Can't Deduct My Guard Frog!?

The Minnesota Society of Certified Public Accountants recently surveyed its member on the most outrageous tax deductions clients tried to take on their tax returns. The resulting list shows that, more...
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